Pandoro senza Glutine

Pandoro gluten free


dolcetti per intolleranti al glutine dolcetti per intolleranti al lattosio
A pandoro on your table, worthy of the name, even if made with gluten-free flours ?
Sure you can!
In our laboratory we have been producing gluten-free desserts for years, constantly trying to improve our recipes to make the desserts we produce as tasty and as similar in flavor and texture to those we have always been used to eating.
Pandoro without gluten is also free of milk proteins, it is certified by a special analysis laboratory (see downloadable pdf file) and is therefore also suitable for those suffering from Celiac disease and not just a simple intolerance to gluten or milk.
try the vegan gluten-free pandoro with or without chocolate chips.
Pandoro of about 400gr
Shelf life: 1 month

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