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Choose artisanal and bring the best desserts to your table
Tired of the many nasty surprises that these industrially produced sweets reserve for us, are you here on our site looking for a quality dessert?
Site for sure in the right place.
Our Pandori are handcrafted and are made with the best products on the market in our area.

All pandoro, from lactose-free to gluten-free, are LACTOSE FREE AND MILK PROTEIN FREE.
We use a vegan margarine, certified without traces of milk, which makes them suitable even for those suffering from milk protein allergy.
Pandoro gluten-free, milk-free and vegan are offered both in the classic version and in the version with chocolate drops.
Even the chocolate used is CERTIFIED WITHOUT TRACES OF MILK. This is Kosher chocolate, certified vegan.

Buy pandoro gluten-free or lactose-free from us and you will soon come back to visit us.
For all those who suffer from gluten or lactose food intolerances, this is the right choice.