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Why can’t we call it Vegan panettone
Despite having its shape and appearance and appearing absolutely identical to panettone, this dessert cannot take the name of vegan panettone.
In fact, the panettone recipe is regulated by the Presidential Decree issued on July 22, 2005 through which the ingredients that can be used are specified, making a distinction between the mandatory and the optional ones.
The mandatory ingredients of the basic panettone dough:

wheat flour
sourdough natural yeast

Therefore this dessert, which although apparently we would define vegan panettone, that is panettone without eggs and without milk, does not fall within the definition of panettone.
However, you will not be disappointed by this vegan Christmas cake, which you can eat at Christmas and beyond, as an alternative to the classic panettone.
As for all the panettone on our site, we also have different flavors for the vegan dessert you can choose from

Raisins and candied fruit
without Raisins and candied fruit & lt;
Moscato di Trani

The Vegan Christmas cake is produced by our pastry shop with the classic processing of traditional panettone and therefore naturally leavened, respecting all the times and procedures to make your Christmas sweet treat without detracting from it in flavor and quality.
The Vegan Panettone does not contain eggs, butter or honey , which are contained in other types of panettone.
Order it as soon as possible on our site, so as not to risk running out and perhaps indicate an approximate date on which you would like to receive it.
We will take care of sending you the baked goods closest to the date you have chosen.
It is light and soft and the dough melts in your mouth leaving you with a feeling of lightness. You won’t be able to stop eating it without even feeling weighed down, that’s a promise!
We make different types of vegan panettone, you can choose between the chocolate one, the empty one or with raisins or candied fruit.
We are here to satisfy your tastes and your palate!
Pandoro without eggs and without milk to respect the environment
Eating vegan is synonymous with respect for the environment and for animals and that is why many of you have shared this type of diet in recent years.
More and more often we have in our pastry shop, new customers who ask us for vegan sweets, without eggs and without milk.
Sometimes it is a health choice to eliminate butter, eggs and other animal substances from one’s diet.
So we could not fail to welcome your requests with enthusiasm and experiment with new recipes to make the best vegan panettone you have ever tasted.
We hope we have done a great job, which you are already used to and as usual we ask you for an opinion of the advice and why not, we also accept your criticisms if there should be any.
Buy the Vegan Panettone online from our site and make your Christmas truly special, with the aromas and flavors you have always been used to, but with the awareness and serenity to respect the environment, animals and above all your health