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Why choose the lactose-free Panettone by

Panettone without milk is totally free of lactose and milk proteins, also suitable for allergic people.
You will taste a freshly baked artisan panettone, although this could mean a slightly longer wait
High quality, soft as you’ve never eaten it. Excellent taste for everyone, even for those who have no problems with intolerances
Produced only with genuine ingredients – without preservatives
Delivered in a gift box, ready to be donated.

The artisanal panettone produced in our pastry shop are not simply panettone without butter, but they do not contain milk proteins.
We offer you a selection of the most popular panettone, made with vegetable margarines, without traces of milk.
Our experience allows us to present you a highly qualitative product made only with excellent food.
This Christmas, present one of our Panettone at the table, we guarantee you an exceptional figure and endless compliments.
Because for us quality is above all interest and because the products of our lands help us to produce panettone that does not fear competition in taste and appearance.
Why choose a panettone without butter
Our panettone is without butter made only with vegetable margarines. This means that it does not contain milk at all, not even delactosed milk, therefore it guarantees you the total absence of milk. Even if you suffer from serious intolerances, you will have no problem eating our panettone without butter.
Buy our lactose-free artisan Panettone online, today thanks to our site you can receive the top quality sweets for sale throughout Italy at your home.
If in addition to lactose you are also intolerant to eggs or gluten, on our site you will find other proposals, always artisanal to buy online, equally very good.
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gluten-free panettone (gluten-free and milk-free)
or Vegan panettone (without milk and without eggs)